Astrology = astral + study = study of the stars

The history of Astrology is 4000 years old, and it stems from the ancient Mesopotamia where Mathematics and Astronomy - that are the basis of the theory of Astrology - were very developed. The people worshipped the gods of Sun, Moon and many others, and started believing in planetary energies as divine. Another step forward in Astrology was taken by the Egyptians. They experienced their life on earth as a preparation of souls for entering “the other world”, and planetary principles were considered a reflection of divine. The first zodiac was conceived in Egypt. A great contribution to the development of Astrology was given by the Ancient Greek through their philosophy. Foundations for the modern Astronomy were set by Thales, Pythagoras, Anaxagoras, Plato and others, who studied the phenomena on the sky. Theory of four elements (Ptolemy) - fire, water, earth and air - that rule the world was conceived, as well as the zodiac we know today (12 signs). Further development of Astrology happened during the Roman times. Roman emperor Augustin was the first person to have his horoscope publicly made. He also put into circulation a coin with the star sign where his Moon was placed (Capricorn).

Astrology developed all over the globe: from India, China, all the way to South America. Many scholars from the Middle Ages, such as Nostradamus and John Dee, contributed to the popularity of Astrology with their work. In their times, Astrology was a privilege known only to kings, people on high positions and the rich; it is so nice that today we all have it within our reach.

Nowadays, Astrology is an appreciated and acknowledged esoteric discipline, with a goal and purpose of bringing closer the truth and freedom to the mankind. A well known school of Astronomy is The Faculty of Astrological Studies in England, but there are many others all over the world. The usage of Astrology ranges from psychological and medical analyses (Astropsychology and Astromedicine) to anticipation of specific events.

By entering the age of Aquarius, Astrology is reinstated in full swing, so we can expect a more serious and scientific approach to the whole matter.

It is a fact that a human being as a biological creature is determined by his genes, influences within his family and the environment where he develops. But it is well-known that there is something peculiar in each and every one of us, and that brothers living under the same roof grow into different people. Each person is an individual with a unique potential and creativity that cannot be “rationally” explained. Some of us carry within an artistic, some philosophical, and some a sports talent... we all express ourselves in different ways - some through intelligent communication, some through revealing emotions, some through attitudes - and we all have deep motifs to do so. Some life paths are covered with roses, some with thorns, some are deeply uncommon - all of which is a reflection of our actions in previous incarnations (karma).

For the time being, Astrology gives the clearest solution in explaining the differences in human behaviour. It explains why we are just the way we are, and why we live the life we live. The closest we can get to defining Astrology would be to say that it is a unique system of interpreting the planetary and interplanetary influences on human behaviour and occurrences on earth..

So how does Astrology function?

Postulation of the theory of Astrology lies in the fact that every planet of the Solar System has a certain quality, i.e. type of energy that influences life on earth. It is very easy to experience the Solar energy: we feel it as warmth, and see it as light. Lunar energy is seen through ebb and flow, women’s monthly periods, etc. In a similar manner the other planets influence ours. The position of those celestial bodies, i.e. The Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto in relation to the Earth, has a distinct influence which changes from second to second due to the cyclic movements of the aforementioned planets.

Now let us imagine how in the moment of someone’s birth, the planets of our system are in a certain position. Their energies affect the Earth. As the baby comes to life it takes a part of that energy upon itself and carries it along as a cipher or a code; as if somebody would write that code on an empty blackboard and it would become that person’s feature. Each code is specific and unique, because there are no two identical moments. That special position of the planets in relevance to the Earth and themselves is known as an Astrological or a natal chart. Our distinctive traits and possibilities necessary to fulfill our destiny in this lifetime are predetermined by it. Still, there are other factors in forming a personality that Astrology does not exclude, because on the blackboard many other codes will be written as well.

Understanding the NATAL CHART can help you determine the uniqueness within yourself and the best way to fulfill your potentials. Through a correct interpretation of your natal chart you can get the answers to the questions of emotional, business, financial or psychological nature. You will find out your aspirations and how to reach them in the easiest way, but also in accordance with your true nature and destiny.

A personal horoscope is made on the basis of a person’s date, place and the correct time of birth.

By analysing the KARMIC HOROSCOPE, you will get insight into karmic, i.e. influences of fate that define your life. You will find out how they were made and see how to resolve them most efficiently. Since our future is a combination of influences of fate and free will, by interpreting the karmic horoscope we determine the situations preordained (that we have to accept as such) and the situations dependent upon our free will.

To get a clear picture of a present situation and future forecast we analyse TRANSITS to natal planets. Through them we get insight into specific period of person's life and is possible to predict when certain situations determined with natal chart will became actual.

By analyzing a SOLAR HOROSCOPE we can get yearly forecasts, that is in duration of one solar year, i.e. from birthday to birthday.

By the analysis of a compared horoscope or SYNASTRY, it is possible to determine astrological compatibility between partners and get insight into the destiny of a certain relationship, which is usually of an emotional nature, but it can also be business-like, family or friend-like.

With a little help of HORARY ASTROLOGY you can get answers to specific questions such as: Where is a lost item?, Is it wise to invest in real-estates now?, Does he/she love me?, Will my stray dog return?, and so on.