Pathway to Truth

Today when our soicety attained its intellectual peak and emphasis is more on the development of technology, men should observe him deeply and profoundly. We have developed technology to the point of being able to travel to the Moon, we have conquered the material world, and yet... Why are we feeling so unfulfilled and lost in our own lives? Why are we missing love? Why the questions such as who are we, where are we going and what is the meaning of our existence remain unanswered? Haven't we forgotten, perhaps, ourselves?

It has been scientifically proven that we use only 7 percent of our brain. Have you ever asked yourself what is it that is hidden in the remaining 93 percent? It is important that we understand that there are two types of mind, logical and intuitive. Logical part is the one we use in everyday life, in order to think, memorize, make conclusions, etc. This part of brain knows only that which we have imprinted in it during our life, be it by upbringing, education or other life experiences. This part of our brain works as a computer: what we store in it, there remains. As everyone has different life experience, one has also different perception of reality, and consequently one sees only subjective, relative truth. The center in the body linked with mental processes lies in solar plexus or the third chakra. Intuitive mind, unlike logical mind, possesses absolute or objective knowledge. Information and experiences from all our lives are stored in this part of our brain together with the answers to the most profound questions, such as 'what is the purpose of my being in this life?' or 'what the future will bring to me?' As this information is stored in our subconscious (in that 93 percent) we can not reach for them by means of standard, mental ways but only by irrational, i.e. intuitively.

Intuition is our inner voice, our inner guide arisnig from the very depth of our soul. As soul is a divinie expression of ours, so is the intuition linked with the Source, Absolute or the God. Our subconscious knows why we are here in our lives, which lessons we have to learn, which karmic debts we must pay i.e. to work on. Consequently, it knows what is good and for us and what is not. Intuitive mind opens up the door to the fourth dimension, i.e. it recognizes the existence of the past, present and future in the same coordinate of space and time. This is far from saying that logical mind is not useful or thai it has no purpose of its own: it was given to use to be used, however, it does not know itself how and where to go becouse it can only see in three dimensions. The center in the body responsible for intuition is the sixth chakra, so-called the third eye. While logical mind is connected to our material things, intuitive mind is connected with our spiritual existence. In order for us to become fulfilled and complete personality, united in body and soul, it is of utmost importnace that we use out intuition and logic jointly. Intuition will tell us where to go and logic will explain how to come there.

Intuition is our innate characteristic, just as much as our sight, hearing and smell and it is given at our disposition. We all have it, there is no doubt to this, but it is also true that we do not really listen to our intuition. It has certainly happened to you that you were walking down the street intensively thinking about a person you have not seen for a long time and suddenly you meet that person or you recieve a phone call from her. You must have thoguht about it as a coincidence. How many times it occurred to you that you were signig some paper, entering the office or borrow money and you felt that strange feeling in your stomach, an inner voice telling you that something was wrong? You rejected this sensation as a meaningless one, only to realize afterwards that the situation turned out not to your benefit. How many times you knew deep in yourself that someone was not being sincere to you, but in the absence of logical arguments, some material proofs for that feeling you decided to believe to that person, only to learn later on that your feeling was not wrong? How many times did it occur that you had a dream and only later, when a cerain event occurred in your life you would recognize it from your dream and only then you would be ready to acknowledge the importance of our dreams.

Intuition is the ability to know what happened in the past, what will occur in your future and what is going on in this very moment at some place you are not present physically. The intuition speaks in various froms, depending on the abillity of a person to 'receive' information. Since some people are more visual types, they will simply 'see' what has happened or is happening. To those who are more auditive, it will be 'told' to them, i.e. they would hear that particular information. Many times people would refer to this phenomenon with the words 'something wispered in my ear'. More sensual types will 'feel' a particular sensation (e.g. unrest, exaltation, 'butterflies in their stomach', etc) which will reveal the type of event that has occurred. Those who are more cognitive types will simply 'know' the truth and such persons will often refer to these feelings with the words: 'I just know this is so, but I can not explain how I know it'. Our intuition will also lead us through our dreams, precognition means and many other channels, but most often it will talk to us by the language of symbols.

In order to drive our intuition up to the point when we can fully rely on it, it is necessary to work on restoring intuition to consciousness. In my work with people, I have come to the conclusion that the biggest dilemma lays in the fact that the majority of people is not sure whether certain information comes from logical or intuitive center. I have heard many saying thing such as: I firstly got this impression that this was so, then I would think that this might not be so, however I have this strong feeling that this might be so, oh, well, I do not know...' True, it si extremely difficult to tell are we guided by logic or intuition. This is something you learn with time and after working on your risin awareness about the existence and power of intuition. As our ego has a capacity to 'mask' itself in the brain and divert us from the right path it is important to invest significant efforts to reach the level when one may be able to tell the difference. We all have intuition, yet in some people it is less developed, or in other words, they are less aware of their intuition, while some have it highly developed, i.e. are very aware of its powerful presence. In general, in most of the people intuition is asleep and only needs to be awakened. Work on restoring intuition to consciousness is the only right path towards an accurate and powerful intuition. There are many tachniques as that might help in this process, such as yoga and meditation, which have already been proved as very efficient tool to becoming aware of one's intuition. There are also particurar exercises whose objective is to restore intuition to consciousness and they are mostly linked with the work on the person's third eye. Since the sixth chakra is the third eye and is also the centre for intuition, it is necessary to awaken this center and learn how to use it in a proper manner. In India the importance of the third eye as the center of spirirual powers has been konwn for centuries and this is why Indian women are painting the dot above their noses, between eyebrows.

When we reach the point where are fully aware of our intuition we receive a safe and accurate leadership from the right center. We have no more doubts as to what is right and what is wrong and we can always bring the right decision. Try to imagine, this example.... you are entering a new business project and you need to invest a substantial amount of money. You have two options in front of you: one telling you to go for it but alone, indepedently and the other option which includes partnership. If you decide to go alone you need more money, which means selling a real estate or taking a loan: however, if you opt for the solution with a partner you will have less financial problems but more obligation with regard to that person. Both options seem good and there is no logical signs whatsoever as to where any of the two options will lead you. Yet, you can take only one path, together with consequences that go with the selected option.

And how you are know wich option is better? Let' see another example: you have decided to invest a large amount of money in shares in the market which, by its nature is a risky and unpredictable business, i.e. it can bring you high profit but also high losses. How will you know which shares to buy, when and when to sell them? Or, take this example: you are lonely for a long time and you are in a pursuit of a partner for emotional relationship. There are two persons you are attracted to, both interesting, each having something which you like very much. You know that you can choose only one and let go of another but your fear that if you make a wrong choice, the consequenses will be bad and there is no chance to return. How can you know which person is the best for you? How to recognize the one which suits you the most and which belongs to you, according to karma (fate)?

There are many situations when we have to choose among two or more options and leave behind all other options, and there is only one right way for us. These are the moments when one has to be able to listen to his intuition which will recognize the right way. It will also warn us about the potential dangers or unfavorable situations that are about to come our way so that we can be fully prepared. Intuition will help us to identify what is 'ours', so that we do not waste our time and energy to something else which does not belong to us. Intuition will help us to recognize good chances in order not to lose them; it will always direct us towards the right way. Intuition is here to assist us in our lives. By applying it in the real life situations we manage to achieve good results and favorable outcomes. Those who do not believe it, do not need to believe in words, rather they should give it a try. They can consider this as an experiment. Sometimes try to listen to your intuition and in some other circumstances rely on logic and see the outcomes for yourself.

Those of you, who wish to learn more about this efficient tool, may attend my practical seminars for work on restoring intuition to consciousness. Fell free to contact me by phone.