Maja Vodopija is a professional astrologer and psychic Tarot master. She lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. She does all her readings personally, by phone, by mail or by Skype. Collaborating with many magazines and actively taking part in many esoteric manifestations, she is highly appreciated in giving Tarot courses and psychic (intuition) development.

Maja was born in 1973 in Kutina (Croatia) where she completed her high school. In her childhood she already showed a great ability for predicting future events and a great interest in the occult. At the age of 24 she moved to London, England, where her real 'spiritual journey' began. In five years spent abroad, she perfected her psychic gift, acquired new esoteric knowledge and experience in working with people. As a consultant she achieved significant success. She studied Astrology and carries a certificate of Faculty of Astrological Studies. She attended the studies for the development of clairvoyance and mediumship at Psychic College in London. Her Tarot and channelling teacher was Lee Van Zyl, who is a highly respected psychic in England.

After returning to Croatia in 2002, she founded the Spiritual Studio 'Anubis' in Zagreb, where she woked till 2012.. She is also the author of the book called 'The Gate of Truth' that serves as a manual for divination and through which we can get insight into the basic esoteric branches.

Maja's Tarot courses which go from basic through advanced all the way to master level, have helped many students to master this demanding discipline and became able to give full Tarot readings, and also to understand the Law by which the universe works. Courses of intuition and psychic development are conceived as a means of personal spiritual development. They are very useful to people who want to develop their spiritual side and become more connected to the Absolute.
With feedback from her students and clients, it can be said with certainty that Maja is a top master to whom you can turn for help with complete confidence.

In the period from 2012 to 2014, Maja went through deep personal transformation, which she described in her two books (to be published), titled 'The Dark Night of the Soul' and 'The Dawn'. Alchemical process, described in those books, is her own personal experience and the result of long years of work and study. Precisely, the process of this transmutation made possible for Maja to release the old and open the doors for the new energy of Horus, and took Maja on its wings up to eagels heights of Golden Age! Horus Centre was born like phoenix, on the old foundations; and that is in the nutshell Majas’ mission here on Earth. Maja is a true alchemist and can help you in your search for your personal spiritual gold, assisting you or showing you the way by her example. Maja is here to support every soul which is earnestly seeking freedom!



MAJA gsm:
091 92 72 296