‘The World was build with the power of number’

Since ancient civilizations until today, people have explained certain phenomena and human behaviour through numbers.

The basis for Numerology is the fact that every number poses a specific force that is not expressed in the symbol of a number, but in an occult connection between phenomena on earth and basic principles in nature. In that way Numerology is a way of connecting microcosmos with macrocosmos. Man, as a link between these two dimensions, is a carrier of certain energies. Energies that we took by birth from natural forces (space energies) and by getting a name, we understand through a numerical value of a number. In order to calculate these values and to do a personal analysis, all we need is a date of birth and a person's full name.

For a quality-level Numerology analysis it is necessary to calculate three key numbers: a destiny number, a psychic (spiritual) number and a name number. Through these numbers we will get insight into the character and the life path of a person.

Destiny number is a number that describes our fate and the real reason for our arrival into this world. It has been karmically conditioned, which means that it shows the result of our actions in previous lifetimes and it is not possible to influence it in any way. Forces of karma are at work through this number and they can work for us or against us. If they work in our favour they are a reflection of our positive actions in previous lifetimes (karmic reward), but if they bring us misfortune, losses and obstacles, they reflect our negative action in the past (karmic debth).

Psychic number tells us how a person looks at himself, i.e. it describes his outer psychology (habits, ambitions, needs, relations with other people...) Its influence is at its strongest between the ages of 35 and 40, but it is active through the whole life. Even though the psychic number never loses its strength, it is possible to affect it by changing our name or surname.

Name number tells us primarily about a person’s social life and how he or she relates to other people in certain situations. In that way, the name number will play a major role in marriage. By changing a name it is possible to affect certain areas in life and contribute to improvement. Also if the name number is not in harmony with destiny or psychic number it is possible to achieve greater harmony in life by changing it.