Reading from a palm is a very old and precise way of divination. That is an old Romany method that flourished in our times.

Palmistry, or the study of a human hand, consists of two interrelated parts:

chirosophy – the occult meaning of lines, marks and developed parts, and
chironomy – the analysis of shape and formation of a hand, fingers and
a thumb.

This esoteric method gives us a fascinating insight into human behaviour and actions as well as the possibility of predicting future events.

While analysing a palm, one should first pay attention to the subjective, or the left hand. It represents natural talents and tendencies. The right or the objective hand represents all the features that a person has developed or neglected in his/her life, as well as the degree of fulfillment of the tendencies preordained by the left hand. Left-handed people have a subjective right hand and an objective left hand.

By a detailed analysis of palm formations, i.e. lines, mounts various marks, etc, you can get insight into specific situations in life. It is possible to read the destiny of the emotional, mental, material and spiritual aspects of a person’s life. Regarding the fact that we possess our free will, we can also read how to direct it in a positive and constructive way.

Possible health problems and their solution are visible on a palm too.