One of the most perfect tool for divination is Tarot.

There are many debates about the origins of Tarot. My opinion is that its beginning is connected to the Judaic mystical system of Qabalah. That connection is very well seen through the analysis of the Major Arcana and the Qabalistic Tree of Life. A group of 18th century philosophers studying the origins of Tarot came to a conclusion that Ancient Egypt had played a major role in its development. The relationship between the symbols of the cards and the Ancient Egyptian magic book The Book of Thoth was established. On their way from India through Persia, certain groups of the Romany brought Tarot as a means of divination to Europe, where it was perfected in the 14th century. Kings as well as common citizen were seeking advice through Tarot. On its way to perfection many people played their part, so today in the system of Tarot we find Oriental as well as American influences.

Scholars, artists and many others who studied higher states of consciousness contributed to its development. So, for example, a group of scholars formed a society called the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn which defined the meaning of Tarot. According to them, Tarot was the main key of the entire philosophy that consisted of the aspects of Astrology, Numerology, ritual magic, divination and Alchemy, which had been considered to be esoteric disciplines. An interesting fact is that C. G. Jung used Tarot as a means of consciousness development.

Tarot we know today consists of 78 cards with visual characters that represent the forces influencing the human life. Those forces are all occurrences, happenings, feelings and ideas that comprehend the material world known as human existence. Cards are a medium, while the visual characters depicted on them are the carriers of vibrations of the Absolute mind with which we connect through Tarot. Those characters are interconnected. Through its system, Tarot gives us an explanation and interpretation of every influence on human life.

Researching the symbols of Tarot in our personal development, it gives us the freedom to fathom the area or our inner reality using imagination as a secure means of transport.

Tarot helps us clarify our thoughts, carry our emotions to the surface, and give ideas and possibilities of choices in order to act appropriately. It is a complex, integrated language of symbols that connects the collective unconsciousness and the whole human life with the Universal force of life. Such a connection functions well because a person who can read correctly has developed his or her individual connection with the symbols of the cards. In that manner, the reader can depict and experience each client and his/her energy.

With Tarot we 'travel through time', which means that through just one reading you can get a clear picture of your current situation, influences from the past that have brought the current situation to present, and a designation of the up-coming influences that you will encounter in the future. It is important to know that the future brings what it has to: some events are inevitable, but by using our free will in making a correct decision, we can direct our life towards the most favourable outcome.